Game made for Spooktober Jam 2020. 
It's a puzzle platformer game where you have to navigate between two worlds to manage your way to the surface!

You have been awakened from your death  by your Spirit. Now you want to reach the surface to again see beautiful sunlight.


WASD/ARROWS/SPACE - Moving and Jumping

E - Interaction

Unfortunatelly i didn't have that much time to polish the game :c

Development log


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well made game a little hard but nice concept


Hard, but not too hard. Really well made for a jam game!

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Great game! The last part was very difficult.


I'm very impressed! Cool concept and well working game!


This game has it all, the art is fantastic! The sound effects really sell the chain and the lighting is super moody, fitting the theme rather literally (and with amazing effect! I love the game, would love to see you work on it more :)

I'll probably try to update it after the GameJam is over ;)